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Jolywood Signs Groundbreaking Agreement to Provide N-Type High-Efficiency Bifacial Modules for 320MW project in Dubai

SHANGHAI, June 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- On June 6 at SECE 2019 Jolywood, a leading Chinese manufacturer of N-type bifacial solar cells and modules, and Shanghai Electric signed a landmark cooperation deal to construct a 320MW capacity power station to deliver clean and renewable energy for Dubai in 2020.

Dr. Zhifeng Liu from Jolywood signs contract with Mr. Xiaobin Cao from Shanghai Electric

"Jolywood is striving to revolutionise the photovoltaic industry with the global supply of N-type bifacial technology. Through joint efforts, we aim to take the development of renewable energy to another level by setting a new benchmark for the industry," said Weijian Lin, Chairman of Jolywood Group. "Looking forward, Jolywood will continue to bring renewable energy to the world as part of China's Belt and Road initiative."

Among those who attended the ceremony was Xiaobin Cao, Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Electric Power Generation Engineering Company, who noted that the contribution Jolywood brings to the project will be significant, praising that high-quality of Jolywood's bifacial modules. "Its unique N-type high-efficiency technology equips the modules with lower degradation and better temperature coefficient making them suitable for use in the Middle East while providing a more stable, clean and sustainable electric power," he said.

Jolywood is due to complete its delivery of the modules in two stages scheduled for the second half of 2020 and the beginning of 2022, respectively. As the largest overseas N-type bifacial power plant project for Jolywood, it marks a significant milestone for the manufacturer and builds on the past success of last year's SPIC's 100MW Sihong TopRunner project.

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